Who We Are

The purpose of the Moline Horticultural Society is to encourage, promote and develop interest in horticultural activity in the community.

What We Do

We meet the 3rd Wednesday of the month, March through November. In the summer months we have garden tours and a Christmas party in early December. The specifics (location, program, speaker(s), etc.) can be found on the Calendar page.

Meeting Location:  BUTTERWORTH EDUCATION CENTER (701 12th Avenue, Moline, IL 61265)


Copy of by-laws is available by request.


The Moline Horticultural Society, one of the oldest garden clubs in the Quad-Cities. The society started in 1943, but did not incorporate into the existing society until 1953.

The horticultural society is a result of the establishment of Moline’s Riverside Park, originally a campground in the 1930s and 1940s. The current garden center was a cook house with showers and toilet facilities for the travelers who had set up camp under the big oaks in the park. That usage dropped off during and after the war years. Riverside Park opened as a city park in 1941.

A group of Moline women started meeting there to pass on their gardening knowledge to others. They also exchanged plants and held public flower shows. In February 1953, the society was organized to support the garden center at Riverside Park. Dr. John C. Johnson, a Moline dentist, was the Horticultural Society’s first president. In May 1971, ground was broken for the Moline Conservatory at the Garden Center, a project that was supported by the society, the Moline Woman’s Club, the Tri-City Garden Club and the Moline Dahlia Society. In the mid 1970s perennial beds were added to the Garden Center. The rock garden was added in the 1980s.

In the early 1980s, the Horticultural Society joined up with the Quad City Audubon Society to create a prairie in Moline’s Green Valley Park along the Rock River. They planted 1,600 small trees on the 13-acre site, along with 340 pounds of seed from plants found on natural prairies.

Today the Moline Horticultural Society is an active and growing club with a membership of gardeners from all over the Quad-Cities. The club meets the third Wednesday of the month (March through November) at the Butterworth Education Center in Moline.